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Program Evaluation Memo

May 22nd, 2006

Measurement, Evaluation, and Ethics in Research

The following assignment was a little bit different from most of the other standard essays that I’ve had to write. Essentially we were asked to prepare a detailed memo. The assignment requirements were as follows:

  • You are working for an early childhood program that has not been evaluated. Your supervisor, knowing that you are studying research methods, asks you if you believe that the program should be evaluated. Indicate to the supervisor the objectives of program evaluations.
  • When you finish telling your supervisor the objectives of program evaluations, he asks you how program evaluations are done. Briefly explain to the supervisor the types of program evaluations.
  • Finally, the supervisor asks you how one conducts a program evaluation. Describe to your supervisor the steps to conducting a program evaluation.

The following is my response to these questions.

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