Welcome to the “my professional life” section of my site! As much as I love music and art, I have never considered either of them to be things I’d want to do professionally. Besides, my music style is far from commercial, so even if I did pursue it, I’m sure that I would have a hard time making ends meet!

Those of you familiar with my “working” life would know about my love of teaching. For those of you who are not familiar with that side of me, however, this section serves to give you a brief introduction. Basically, however, my teaching experience falls into two main categories: ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching, and after-school/out-of-school time elementary school “teaching.” I put the latter “teaching” in quotation marks only because my experience has not been that of a traditional teacher in the classroom. But, to find out more about what my role in that setting is, I urge you to read on in my work history page!

In the following pages you’ll find an online copy of my résumé, a summary of my work hstory along with some of my reflections on this, a few sample ESL lesson plans, and a few old papers from college that I dug up. I have also tried to include links to as many of my former workplaces as possible.