Another way to work on my students’ English skills… (maybe)

I recently completed a style manual for the students at the Tata-Dhan Academy. It was a pretty big project, and overall, I think it turned out pretty well, but I found that there was still some stuff left unaddressed. Part of it was that there wasn’t enough time—I felt that if I kept adding more and more, the manual would never be completed. Part of it was that there was some stuff that I couldn’t quite figure out where to put. Part of it was that the issues were more “personal” and less “institutional” (or they were things where I wasn’t sure I would get institutional endorsement).

So, I decided to start something new: The Grumpy Writer’s Grumps.

The plan is to have a weekly one-page writeup (literally—I sort of like the idea of it being hand-done) that can both serve as a source of entertainment for myself, and as a source of information for my students. I also hope that the students will take up my offer to “argue” with me by leaving comments on the site, since that would be another opportunity to build their writing skills.

I guess that only time will tell. But until then, here’s the first issue of The Grumpy Writer’s Grumps:

The Grumpy Writer’s Grumps #001